Athlete’s Pak

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Athlete’s Pak

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Product Overview

The Athlete’s Pak by Isagenix is a great option for anyone looking to maintain peak athletic performance. It provides the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and energised, while maximising your performance and overall fitness.

  • Fuels healthy muscle development
  • Ensures your body adequately recovers from physical stress
  • Convenient, on-the-go option for active-lifestyle nutrition

Athlete's Pak Summary

Our Athlete’s Pak has been designed with active customers in mind. It’s a great nutritional option for anyone who has been pushing their body, but needs help reaching the next level or feeling less exhausted following a workout. Packed with products that provide your body with the nutrients it needs to prepare for, get through, and recover from a workout, this is a great, holistic option for your nutritional needs.

The fact that you’re active is amazing, and we commend you for it. But the hard work you’re putting in will mean nothing if you’re destroying your body in the process. That’s why it’s important to get the adequate nutrition before, during, and after every workout.

Aside from keeping you healthy, the Athlete’s Pak can improve your performance as well. The nutrient-packed products (listed below) that come in this Pak are the fuel your body needs to reach new goals.


  • IsaLean Shakes
  • Ionix Supreme
  • IsaPro
  • IsaLean Bars
  • AMPED Hydrate

Great Fit for All Backgrounds

Regardless of how you stay active, the Athlete’s Pak is a great option for staying healthy and meeting your goals. From running marathons to bodybuilding and even speed-walking, these products have been designed with all types of exercise in mind. Regardless of your background, the science is simple. As you push your body, it loses electrolytes, vitamins, and water. The products in the Athlete’s Pak replenish these as you go, allowing your body to perform at higher levels and recover more quickly from strenuous activity.

Promotes Healthy Muscle Development

Aside from keeping you energised while you workout, the products included in the Athlete’s Pak boost your overall performance and muscle development. IsaLean Shakes, IsaPro, and IsaLean Bars contain high-quality, undenatured whey/milk protein, meaning they provide the nutrients your body needs to build stronger, healthier muscles.

In fact, this is one of the things that makes the Athlete’s Pak so unique. Rather than focusing solely on protein supplements (for muscle development) or nutritional supplements (to help your body perform/recover), we choose to address both. With one set of products, you can meet all of your fitness-related needs.

Rehydrates Your Body

Last, but not least, this Pak is designed to help your body rehydrate before, during, and after a workout. AMPED Hydrate is included to promote healthy, faster recovery following a workout. Containing vitamins C and B-complex, AMPED Hydrate will completely rehydrate and replenish all of the nutrients, vitamins, and electrolytes your body burned while working out. That means more time spent in the gym, and less time taking breaks or sitting at home because you’re too sore to workout.