Shake and Shot Pak

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Shake and Shot Pak

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Product Overview

The Shake and Shot Pack is a great option for anyone looking to boost their energy with all-natural, plant-based nutrients. With our high-quality ingredients and product design, you’ll:

  • Maximize your overall energy and daily performance
  • Fuel lean muscle mass development and fat loss
  • Support optimal nutrition to improve focus and other cognitive functions

Shake and Shot Pak Summary

The Shake and Shot Pack is a great option for anyone looking for the solution to an energy slump. If you’ve felt like your energy has been down for a few weeks, this could be the jumpstart you need to get back to your old self. There’s no excuse for constantly feeling down when products like this exist. We understand that you’re busy and have a lot to accomplish, and that’s why we invested resources into the perfect solution for anyone who needs an extra kick to get into high gear.


The Shake and Shot Pack was developed with maintaining optimal performance in mind. This is a great option for athletes or anyone looking to get in shape. It will maximize your lean muscle mass development and ensure you get the nutrients you need via IsaLean PRO Shakes.

In other words, the Shake and Shot Pack can serve as that friendly nudge you need to get going. Maybe you’re functioning at 80% right now, but want to kick it up to 100%. Or you were happy with the rate you were going, but fell back a bit due to obstacles. Regardless of your situation, this pack can make a world of difference.


Getting through a hectic day can be difficult. This package includes e+ to combat that issue specifically. It’s an energy shot developed to give you a quick boost of energy with plant-based caffeine extracted from green tea and herbal matta. It will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, without the crash that comes from energy drinks. Better yet, it’s a healthier alternative to caffeine products like coffee and energy drinks, meaning you can get your fix without overloading on caffeine or consuming sugar-filled frappuccinos.


e+ contains naturally occurring adaptogens, which are unique botanicals that help your body better absorb and utilize nutrients. These adaptogens simply expedite the processes your body is undergoing, meaning they can work for anyone who takes them. You’ll find that you can more easily ward off stress, focus issues, and exhaustion. We’re also happy to carry a line of dairy-free and gluten-free options, in addition to vegetarian, vegan, and kosher friendly selections. The Isagenix Shake and Shot Pak will help you reach your performance goals and increase your overall energy levels, regardless of your current situation and background.