Weight Loss Value Pak

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Weight Loss Value Pak

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Product Overview

Our Weight Loss Value Pak isn’t about losing weight (we know, we know—it’s in the name). Instead, it’s about changing your approach to nutrition as a whole. You just lose weight as an added benefit. The products in this pack will provide all the nutrients and support your body needs to naturally shed those pounds, like undenatured protein and plant based fibers. You’ll see improvements to your overall health, and even increased muscle growth and improved cognition.

Weight Loss Value Pak Summary

Weight loss is the answer to so many of our problems. We want to look better, feel more energised, and stay healthier. Sadly, it’s not so easy to come by. Carrying excess weight in body fat is common, and simply cutting calories isn’t enough to get rid of it long-term. Instead, you need a revitalised approach to nutrition and health as a whole.

The Weight Loss Value Pak has been designed with your whole body in mind. It provides the nutrients you need to target fat, promote healthy muscle development, and reach your wellness goals. You can think of the products as a kick-start to your journey. You still need to eat healthy and exercise, but the nutrients we provide give your body the push it needs to be at its best. Containing high-protein meal replacement shakes, bars, and snacks, this package provides all-natural support for your metabolism and digestive snacks. It also offers the vitamin and mineral boost you need to keep going.

We know that this package addresses all of your nutritional needs while supporting the body through the stressful effects of weight loss and exercise. In other words, you get to lose more weight and stay healthier doing so.

Primary Benefits

  • Shakes pack your diet with protein to support weight loss and increased metabolism
  • Snacks and bars fight cravings, helping you avoid junk foods
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements improve your general health and energy levels
  • Cleansing products support natural detoxification in the digestive tract
  • Ionix Supreme and natural accelerators promote cell health and full-body nourishment

General Information

What does the Weight Loss Value Pak accomplish?

Put simply, this package provides complete nutritional support for weight loss. It includes nine of our most popular products that are designed to help your body naturally burn fat, decrease water retention, and kick-start overall health improvements. It accomplishes all of this via the use of natural macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Will this boost my performance?

It will overwhelmingly improve your performance. A reduction in overall weight and body fat means a healthier heart, boosted metabolism, improved endurance, and so much more. Addressing your health needs now means you can work harder on the things you love later.

What allergens are included?

It’s impossible to avoid every allergen in the world, but we would if we could. We want our products to be as accessible as possible, and that’s why we offer a variety of allergen-free products. But just to be sure, please look over our allergen checklist (check it out here) and consult with your doctor before using any of our products.

How do you recommend I use the included products?

Because this package contains nine of our products, the answer to this question varies. But this pack is designed for full-body, full-day nutritional support. That means you’ll be using our products often to get the best effects, because fuelling your body with nutrients throughout the day is the best way to get the results you want. For specific use guidelines, refer to each product included