How Isagenix Can Help with Diabetes

Why Isagenix is great for diabetics

If you suffer from Type-2 diabetes, you understand how important a healthy diet is to managing your overall health and wellbeing. That’s why so many individuals suffering with Type-2 diabetes have turned to Isagenix to manage their health and nutritional needs. Oftentimes, this disease is lifestyle centric, meaning that lifestyle choices have a major impact on its severity. Adjusting your lifestyle to reduce symptoms and start your journey towards normal metabolic function is easy with Isagenix. Below, we’ll cover how Isagenix can help you regain power over your blood sugar levels.

The Importance of Caloric Intake with Type-2 Diabetes

We know, we know. Counting calories is exhausting, stressful, and often feels pointless. And while we don’t recommend it for all of our customers, those with Type-2 Diabetes could benefit from watching their caloric intake. Reducing the amount of food you consume means reducing the amount of food that is broken down into glucose by your digestive system. In other words, eating less food means that your body produces less sugar, and in return your blood sugar levels are easier to manage.

Isagenix offers a simple way to manage your caloric intake without sacrificing nutrition, taste, or convenience. You won’t be starving yourself, and your body will still be getting the fuel and support it needs to stay healthy. In fact, you may even find yourself getting more nutrients than you pre-existing diet was providing. After a month on Isagenix, you’ll see your overall body weight, glycemic index, and symptoms of Type-2 Diabetes reduces.

Decreasing Sugar to Increase Well-being

Even the most disciplined diabetics can’t avoid sugar entirely. It’s in everything we eat, including fruits and vegetables. And being a Type-2 Diabetic shouldn’t mean avoiding tasty, sugary food entirely. Instead, it should mean watching your diet, getting the nutrients you need, and splurging in moderation. Our Isagenix snack options are lower in sugar than their store-brand counterparts, and contain the nutrients you need to reach peak performance. If you find yourself struggling with your sugar levels and developing a resistance to insulin, Isagenix can be a great way to reduce your sugar intake without sacrificing the food you love.

Implementing a High-Protein Diet

Our products are packed with protein to encourage a feeling of fullness, lean muscle development, and fat loss. Compared to other brands, we’re happy to say we have more healthy proteins and other macronutrients than nearly any competitor. Consuming a high volume of proteins keeps you avoiding cravings in addition to slowing down your digestive process. Aside from keeping your gut healthy, proteins help to regulate your blood sugar. For example, our IsaLean (and IsaLean PRO) meal replacement shakes are packed with protein and minimal sugar. That means drinking them will help stabilize your blood sugar and slow down the release of glucose from food you’ve already consumed. And that’s on top of the natural fat loss and metabolic boosts!

Relying on Fiber to Manage Type-2 Diabetes

Last but not least, our diets focus on adding in as much healthy, natural fiber as possible. This is a major plus for diabetics because fiber is the all natural superfood that is guaranteed to help those with Type-2 Diabetes regulate their blood sugar. While we all need fiber, diabetics need even more. That excess fiber helps the body process sugars and carbs at a slower rate than normal, allowing sugars to be better regulated. In addition to reducing the amount of sugar you absorb at once, high-fiber supplements keep your metabolism, digestion, and heart in check. That means our diets go beyond handling blood sugar, also improving your health in general which may be compromised by Type-2 Diabetes.

A great example of the benefits of fiber in Isagenix products is IsaLean PRO. It has 8g of dietary fiber in every serving, which is roughly 30% of your daily intake. And keep in mind that it’s only a shake! That means drinking one shake a day could decrease the symptoms of your diabetes, help you feel more full, ensure you lose weight, and improve your metabolism and health overall.

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