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Isagenix is an amazing choice for anyone looking to stay healthy, get the protein they need, and avoid animal cruelty. We offer products that work for both vegetarians and vegans, while still providing enough protein to meet any and all dietary needs. When avoiding meat, you have to get creative with your protein sources. Our supplements and meal replacements take some of the challenge away with getting enough protein in your diet.

Both vegans and vegetarians need well-rounded mixtures of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans in their diet. However, the vast majority of food marketing at vegetarians and vegans is processed junk food. It’s full of artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors. Rather than offering a healthy meat alternative, companies are trying to create a meat substitute, and often add endless amounts of salt to enhance the meat-like taste. And if you find any vitamins and minerals, you’ll be lucky.

Isagenix Has Carefully-Chosen Plant-Based Ingredients

Modern vegetarian and vegan diets are all over the place. Some people choose to stick to only plant-based foods, while others focus on soy products and processed alternatives to meat. And even though everyone assumes vegetarians/vegans are obsessed with eating healthy, many are lacking the nutrients they need to perform at their best. If you’re always hungry, have low energy, or just feel out of it, there’s a chance your nutrients aren’t adding up.

Even if you’re careful to eat healthy, processed vegetarian and vegan food can have a major impact on your day to day life.

We firmly believe a plant-based diet can provide everything you need to be at your healthiest. The issue is actually finding the time and energy to get those nutrients. That’s why our protein shakes and meal replacement options contain anywhere from 25% to 70% of your daily protein needs. That means you can organize the rest of your diet to meet your other nutritional needs, not having to worry about getting enough protein in. Isagenix offers vegetarians and vegans the flexibility they need to meet their health, diet, and nutritional goals while respecting their morals.

Many of our Isagenix products are suitable for someone practising a vegetarian or vegan diet, but we are not certified as a provider of vegetarian and vegan foods. However, we recommend viewing our dairy-free products—most often made from fruits, grains, and vegetables—for an idea of the types of products that are vegan friendly. You can also view the allergen table or the Vegan Products Category for a more holistic view.

A vegan diet can help you live a healthier, longer, more fulfilled life. However, it can also take a turn for the worst if your vegan-friendly food isn’t health-friendly. You could just be trading one health-woe for another, and that defeats the purpose of watching what you eat. As a vegan, it’s of the utmost important that you avoid the high salt and overly processed foods that plague the vegetarian aisle of every store. Otherwise, you may wake up one day with unexpected health issues.

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