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Our products are designed to tackle all aspects of your health. From getting the healthy fats you need to providing energy-boosting herbs like ginseng, they’ve got you covered. In fact, that’s true for nearly every supplement brand on the market. But what really makes us stand out is the way we approach supplementing protein in your diet.

Despite their low calorie content, our snacks and shakes pack a big punch when it comes to protein levels. Getting a lot of protein without consuming calorie after calorie is a big plus for anyone looking to lose weight. In addition, our protein is undenatured and the highest quality available, meaning that your body can better absorb and use it. In other words, we give you better protein and more protein than our competitors—why settle for a smaller amount of lower quality protein?

Okay, but why is getting a lot of high-quality protein so important?

We get it. When you think of protein supplements, you probably think of body-builders downing pack after pack of whey powder. But we promise that everyone—from Urkel to The Rock—can benefit from quality protein.

Studies continue to show that protein is one of the most important parts of an effective diet, whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle, improve performance, or simply gain energy. Individuals whose diet doesn’t contain enough protein are simply setting themselves up to fail. And for those who are choosing to take supplements already, consuming low-quality protein is about as good as not consuming any at all.

Protein is the backbone for the vast majority of tissues in our body, and is super effective at promoting fat loss, muscle development, increased strength, overall health, and other improvements. That means that after a tough day (whether it was a long day at the office or a crazy workout), your body needs protein to repair the damage you’ve done.

On top if its general health benefits, protein makes you feel full. If you’re consuming enough protein in your diet, you won’t feel the need to snack all day and you may even see cravings go away entirely. Because proteins are harder to digest, your body is more easily satisfied them. Carbs and fats are quickly burned, which leaves you hungry. An added benefit of how slowly proteins are absorbed is that they’re able to regulate blood sugar and promote a high metabolism.

Okay, but what’s undenatured protein?

When you eat a piece of chicken or a handful of peanuts, you’re consuming natural (or natured) protein. However, protein supplements rarely provide that form of protein. The vast majority of brands process their protein, causing it to lose its natural form (becoming denatured). By chemically altering this natural macronutrient, these supplements are making it harder for the body to process the protein and are robbing it of its effectiveness.

Individuals who use denatured protein supplements are better off sticking to natural options. In fact, they may as well grab a piece of cake or a soda. Eating protein that your body can’t actually use doesn’t serve a purpose, and is a waste of both time and money.

We don’t think providing you with low-quality protein is fair. We promise the best nutrients possible, and you’re paying money to receive them. That’s why we’re committed to packing our products full of undenatured proteins. In other words, our products contain proteins that have been processed as little as possible, allowing them to keep their natural structure.

More Science: Complete Amino Acids

We promise the science mumbo-jumbo will stop soon. But for the time being, bear with us. Our whey-based and vegan protein powders both contain complete amino acid profiles. While those words may not mean alot to you, it’s important to know that amino acids are the foundation of all proteins. They also do a lot of work in your body on their own, which is why it’s a shame to see so many supplements leaving out amino acids in order to save a few dollars.

Our vegan protein powders contain a mixture of rice and pea protein, while our whey protein powders contain high-quality, undenatured protein from a variety of sources. But regardless of the option you choose, all of our protein supplements and meal replacements contain the complete amino acid profile. We don’t skimp on quality in an effort to increase our bodyline, because we know how important these amino acids are to lose weight and improve your health.

Protein Without all the Fat and Carbs

Most protein sources a are full of fats and carbs. While that was great when humans spent all day running around the forest, consuming that many fats and carbs is detrimental to our health today. In order to get the protein you need, you shouldn’t have to consume more carbs or fats than you need. That’s why we’re happy to offer low-carb, low-fat protein supplement options. All of our powders, snacks, and meal replacements are from whey isolate or plant proteins, meaning we can provide a healthier source of protein than our competitors. It seems like common sense to think if you’re taking a protein supplement, it should contain mainly protein. And that’s why we don’t add insane amounts of sugar or other ingredients to our products.

Isagenix Protein Summary

Protein is one of the most important nutrients in any diet. Aside from needing it to meet your health and fitness goals, your body needs it to function. It helps you burn fat, rebuild muscle, and increase energy. And we’d recommend sticking to undenatured proteins like the ones found in salmon, free range eggs, and Isagenix products!

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