Isagenix Review

Isagenix Isalean shake review: Is it worth it?

Imagine if fast food restaurants advertised people choking on their food. Or if plastic surgeons highlighted botched face lifts before signing on a new client. Aside from being bad marketing, those events are the one percent. It isn’t fair for a company to constantly advertise something that almost never happens.

However, that’s what countless health companies are doing. They’ll show you someone who went from extremely overweight to the perfect beach-body in a matter of weeks. And just like a botched face lift, that’s the one percent. In order to be fair to our customers, we want to review the actual effects of IsaLean Shakes so you know what you’re getting into—not the exaggerations and dreams that our competitors like to share.

The Review

The Isagenix website describes the IsaLean shake as a nutrient-rich, balanced meal replacement shake that has been clinically tested to encourage healthy weight loss and lean muscle development. These are relatively lofty claims, so it’s important to find out if Isagenix lives up to its claims

What is in it?

  1. Protein Per Serving: 24g (48% DV)
  2. Calories Per Serving: 240 (10% DV)
  3. Dietary Fiber Per Serving: 8g (32% DV)
  4. Carbohydrates Per Serving: 11g (33% DV)

Nutrition Label

  • Cholesterol Per Serving: 45mg
  • Sodium Per SErving: 260mg
  • Potassium Per Serving: 320mg

Further Nutritional Information

Aside from the general nutritional information above, IsaLean contains 23 minerals and vitamins. Compared to other supplements, this is the highest number of additional nutrients we have seen included in a meal replacement. While there are alternative replacements with fewer calories, they do not provide the same nutrition. Consuming slightly more calories for a better nutritional profile is objectively the better health decision.

IsaLean has some of the highest protein levels of any meal replacement shake on the market. What is particularly noteworthy is the fact that they use undenatured protein, meaning that they do not chemically alter the proteins. As a result, the protein in IsaLean can better increase metabolism and burn fat.

The whey protein used in IsaLean is known to aid in the digestive process and provide a wide variety of high-quality amino acids. These help strengthen the immune system and improve digestive functioning in general. Isagenix also claims that their whey protein is produced from cows that have no been injected with hormones or antibiotics. However, they have not provided evidence for this claim.

Compared to other shakes, IsaLean has a high amount of sugar, containing 40% of the advised daily value. While this isn’t excessively high, it is concerning for anyone trying to avoid sugar as a practice. However, if you are diabetic they do offer diabetic-friendly selections which are available here.

On the topic of allergies, IsaLean shake has been tested and is soy-free and has alternatives to dairy. However, those who are lactose intolerant should reach out to a physician due to the presence of some lactase in the shake. It’s intended to improve digestive patterns and satisfy appetite, but may or may not impact those who are lactose intolerant.

There is a high level of high-quality dietary fiber, which reaches 32% of the daily recommended dose of fiber. This level of fiber places the shake in the high nutritional value category, as the cut off is at least 20% of daily value per serving. Despite replacing meals with shakes, this high level of fiber is incredibly beneficial to the diet. It reduces bloating, stomach sickness, and hunger.

The IsaLean shake stands among the crowd due to the high presence and high quality of protein, fiber, natural sweeteners, vitamins, and minerals.

***Please note that the above information is based on the Strawberry Cream flavor of IsaLean, but other flavors have similar macronutrient and micronutrient quantities.

Our protein shakes and meal replacement contain a large amount of your dietary protein needs (anywhere from 25-70%!), giving you the flexibility to organise your diet and shake days however works best for your life.

How the Shakes Work

One of the major benefits of IsaLean is the ease of use. Making an IsaLean shake requires no special equipment, preparation, or time commitment. You simply blend the ingredients with water and make, and you instantly have a ready-to-drink meal replacement shake. For the average person, shakes can replace up to two meals per day. For the incredibly active, replacing three meals is possible, although it may be better to invest in the Isagenix performance pack if you live an active lifestyle.

Our team’s research has found that IsaLean shakes work to improve health and weight by:

  • Lowering overall calorie intake while increasing protein intake for metabolism
  • Introducing digestive enzymes to improve overall digestive track
  • Utilizing appetite suppressants to maintain a decreased sense of hunger

Shake Flavors

IsaLean shakes are currently available in the following five flavors:

  1. Creamy French Vanilla
  2. Strawberry Cream
  3. Creamy Dutch Chocolate
  4. Black Sesame
  5. Orange Cream

Focus groups and general online research have shown that creamy dutch chocolate is the most popular flavor with french vanilla coming in second place. Black sesame is unique in the sense that it can be drank either hot or cold, and as a result rises in popularity in the winter.

Reviews show that IsaLean shakes have a good taste, although some users indicated that they were too sweet. Given that IsaLean has a higher sugar content than the average meal replacement shake, this critique is consistent. If you are cautious about sugar intake, we would encourage looking into alternative Isagenix products. However, the increased level of sugar is minimal, and has little to no effect on the health benefits of the shake.

Consistency of the Shakes

No matter how many flavors a meal replacement shake comes in or how many nutrients it includes, consistency is key (ignore the pun). When mixed with water, there aren’t any lumps in the shake, and there are nearly no lumps when it’s mixed with milk. IsaLean shakes have a thick consistency profile, but a smooth texture and taste. Some consumers complain about the thickness of the shake, but it can be mixed with water rather than milk to avoid this issue.

Curbing Hunger

IsaLean Shakes use a hunger suppressant to reduce appetite, allowing consumers to feel full without consuming additional calories. This is a great option for kick-starting a diet, as it helps users step away from unhealthy eating habits, such as overeating and excessive snacking. While the name of the suppressant is not publicly available, it has been shown to effectively suppress hunger, and there have been no complaints in regards to side effects as of the time this review was written.

The shakes have been found to curb hunger for roughly three hours following consumption. This is most often attributed to a variety of digestive enzymes including, as well as the high fiber and protein content. Depending on activity level, the three hour window fluctuates by roughly one hour. Regardless, a three hour hunger curb is ideal to space out drinking two meal replacement shakes, a few snacks, and one regular meal.

Pro’s and Con’s

No review is complete without a pros and cons list. If you are in a hurry and  don’t have the time to read through the article in detail, the following list will summarize it up for you and make it easier for you to decide.

The Benefits of IsaLean Shakes

  • Extremely high levels of quality protein in every shake
  • Large amounts of dietary fiber in every shake
  • Meets daily values for many vitamins and minerals
  • Soy-Free with dairy-free and vegan options
  • Contains appetite suppressants to curb hunger
  • Smooth texture with a variety of flavors

The Cons of IsaLean Shakes

  • On the top end of the pricing spectrum
  • Contains higher amounts of sugar than comparable products

***Please note that due to the nature of the IsaLean system, retail costs are not representative of the true cost of the diet. The cost of the shakes is offset by budget saved on food costs for the two replaced meals, in addition to any savings as a result of becoming a preferred member or associate.

Final Words

The only downsides to IsaLean shakes are the greater costs and higher levels of sugars when compared to similar programs. However, the increased levels of sugar are negligible when compared to the nutritionally benefits. In addition, the cost is fair in the context of what IsaLean offers. With the highest levels of macronutrients and micronutrients, IsaLean meal replacement shakes are of the highest quality possible, and offer greater health benefits than cheaper, simpler options. When couples with products such as the Isagenix 30-Day Cleanse, Isagenix for Diabetics, or Isagenix for Vegans, these shakes can be a key to weight loss for anyone.

Final Score: 9 / 10

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